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Why should I choose BAF India to avail finance?

Our main motto is to provide Hassle Free & Quality Financial Service to our customers. So you can expect complete Trust & transparency while dealing with us. Below are few more reasons to avail a BAF India loan

  Official Financier for Yamaha two wheelers

  Highly devoted for customer satisfaction

  Bucket full of promotional schemes and benefits

  Gives you value for mone

How do I approach BAF India for a Two Wheeler Loan?

Just visit your nearest Yamaha dealership and choose your favorite Yamaha bike. Our Finance Coordinator will be there to help you choose the best possible scheme. We will need the relevant documents to process your application & approve your loan.


Visit our website www.bafindia.com and fill in your details under customer support desk. Our sales manager in your city will contact you at the earliest


you can also contact our toll free customer service helpdesk at 1800-10-223-48 and we will guide you through the process.

What are Lending rates in BAF India?

We offer very competitive rates depending on your down payment and the finance option chosen by you. There are various schemes running on different models that are available to you. Our Finance Coordinator will help you choose the best scheme as per your requirement

Are there any additional charges?

Processing Fees, ECS charges, RC Copy charges and the actual stamp duty charges are applicable at the time of loan processing. There are additional charges in case of Cheque return, delayed payment, prepayment of the loan, Cheque swapping and loan cancellation. (For more details do check our Fee charges link at our homepage)

What is the time taken for approval of the loan?

Turnaround time for approval of loan depends on the scheme you choose & completion of documents on your part. 
Once the application is filled-in and the basic documents are given to our representative, it normally takes around 6-8 hours for us to approve the loan.
We also offer 'Spot Loans' where the approval is given within 30 minutes of your applying for the loan, depending upon fulfilling of terms & conditions.

How do I repay the loan?

You can repay the loan by depositing Post dated Cheques or ECS (Electronic Clearing Service). By choosing the mode of repayment your bank account gets debited for the loan repayment on a specific date in a month. These have to be submitted to the BAF representative dealing with you at the time of availing the loan facility.

How can I Foreclose or make early payment of my Loan? What shall be the charges?

Ans - For Pre Payment or Early Closure of the loan, the Customer shall place a request via email at customerservice@bafindia.com or Call us at our Toll Free No. – 1800 102 2348.
Details of Pre-Payment Charges* (over the outstanding Principle amount on date of foreclosure)

Loan availed prior to April 01, 2020

Loan availed on or after April 01, 2020


Tenure (from the date of first EMI)


upto first 180 days


After 180 days


*The Charges shall be exclusive of the applicable GST

How can I obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) ?

Please make a request at customer care of BAF India and NOC will be issued to you with in next 30days.

Can you please provide the customer care email Id of Yamaha Motors India?

customercare@yamaha-motor-india.com & Toll free 1800-180-1600.

Can I apply for a second Loan with BAF India?

Yes, you can. For second loan, you need to close your first loan then only you will be eligible for second loan. The Loan amount depends upon the discretion of credit department of BAF India.

Can I change my mode of payment during the tenure of my loan?

Yes, we have an option of cheque swapping whereby you can change your cheques or change your mode of payment. To change the same kindly follow the below mentioned process:

  •   You can call our customer service toll free no. or contact our regional office.
  •   Make a request for cheque swapping/ change of payment mode to BAF India.
  •   Submission of new PDC cheques and Swapping charges.
  •   Old PDC will take 10 days to return to you.

The complete process will take a period of 15 working days. Note: In case the time lag for next EMI date is less than 15 days, then the changes will be in effect from next to next EMI.

Can I make the payment of my EMI in the other state?

Yes, our collection executive can collect the payment from you in other city as well provided that it is covered by BAF India. Kindly contact our customer care for the request of the same.

How can I pay my Cheque bounce charges / other overdue charges?

You can make the payment in our regional office or you can also make the payment of the same along with your EMI to our collection agent.

How do I update any changes in Address/ phone No?

Please call our toll free customer service helpdesk 1800-10-223-48 and they will guide you through the process. You can also write to us at customerservices@bafindia.com and make a request in the same regard.

Also, you can give a request along with the proof of your residence & phone No at our regional office. Residence proof can be your current Mobile / Credit Card Bill/ Utility Bill etc. The changes will be updated in system within two working days.

How do I get my Loan Account Statement?

Please make a request to customer care; the same will be issued and will be provided to you by email/ fax same day or within 3 working days through courier.

Can I get Application Form and other documents in vernacular language?

Yes, copy of specimen Application Form, Sanction Letter and Agreement is available in vernacular language(s) at regional office(s) for your reference. Should you wish to execute the same in vernacular language, you can request for the same.

What are the different schemes available for finance with BAF India?

The different schemes available are as under:-

S. No.


Loan Amount


Processing Fees

Rate of interest


Crystal Normal

Upto 85%

12-48 Months

Upto 3.5%

10.25% To 16.5%


Special Schemes

Upto 98%

8-36 Months

Upto 3.5%

0% To 12%


Quick Pay Scheme

Upto Rs. 40,000/-

6-12 Months

Upto Rs.6,000/-



Adv EMI Schemes

Upto 85%

6-48 Months

Upto 4%

0% To 16%


CBU Scheme

Upto 60%

18-60 Months

Upto 3.5%

0% To 14%

Please Note: The ROI of the schemes will vary from city to city. Kindly check with our Finance Coordinator at Yamaha dealerships for the scheme details.