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We at BAF believe that Leadership isn't just about empowering people. It's about inspiring and facilitating them to excel in achieving new heights. BAF gives its employees direction and opportunities to a Bright future.

BAF thrust on values as core competencies, be it employees or all other stakeholders:-
  • Customer First : We understand the changing needs of our customers and consistently exceed their expectations in a speedy, courteous and effective manner.
  • Trust and Transparency: We cultivate and reflect trust and transparency in all our dealings.
  • Open corporate culture: We provide our employees with an open corporate culture and platform for self development and professional excellence.
  • Fair corporate governance: We ensure to practice corporate governance in its true spirit.


Ref.No. Position Job Location No. of Vacancy
EXE/SR. EXE/NAGERCOIL/SATLocation Incharge NagercoilNagercoil 1
SR. EXE/PATNA/SPOKELocation in Charge PatnaPatna 1
AM/COIMBATORE/RO Head - Sales CoimbatoreCoimbatore 1
SR. EXE/NAGPUR/SATLocation In charge NagpurNagpur 1
AM/DM/LUDHIANA Head - Sales and Marketing LudhianaLudhiana 1
AGM/DGM/BANGALOREZonal Head South 2Bangalore 1
SR. EXE/BIHAR/SPOKELocation In charge(Patna/Gaya)Patna/Gaya 1
OFFICER/EXECHENNAI/RO TelecallerChennai 20
EXE/DELHI/HOExecutive- Finance Delhi 1
MGR/SR.MGR/PUNE /RO Regional Head- PunePUNE 1
SR. EXE/DELHISr. Executive - ITDelhi 1
SR. EXE/JABALPUR/SPOKELocation In charge JabalpurJabalpur 1
DM/MGR/DELHIHead - Collection DelhiDelhi 1
OFFICER/CHENNAI/RO Receivable Officer Bangalore Bangalore 1
SR. EXE/BIHAR/SPOKELocation In charge(Saharsa/Bhagalpur/Muzzaffarpur/Samistipur)Saharsa/Bhagalpur/Muzzaffarpur/Samistipur 1
AM/KOLKATA/RO AM- Agriculture Finance Kolkata 1
AM/DM/BHUBANESHWAR/RO Head- Sales Bhubaneshwar Bhubaneshwar 1
AGM/DGM/DELHIHead - Collection Division Delhi 1
EXE/AHMEDABAD /RO Executive- Collection, Ahmedabad AHMEDABAD 1
EXE/SR. EXE/BHUBANESWARLocation in Charge Behrampur 1
AM/DM/LUDHIANA Head - Collection LudhianaLudhiana 1
EXE/Sr.EXE/CHENNAI/ROLocation In Charge - Collection CHENNAI 1
MGR/DELHIHead - Delhi -1Delhi 1
EXE/SR. EXE/LUCKNOW/GORAKHPUR/ALLAHABADLocation Head - Sales & Collection (Lucknow/Gorakhpur/Allahabad)Lucknow/Gorakhpur/Allahabad 3
MGR/SR.MGR/AHMEDABAD/RO Regional Head - Ahmedabad Ahmedabad 1
AM/DM/JAMSHEDPUR/RO Head - Sales , Jamshedpur JAMSHEDPUR 1
EXE/COIMBATORE /RO Executive- Credit Coimbatore COIMBATORE 1
MGR/SR.MGR/LUDHIANA/RO Regional Head- Ludhiana Ludhiana 1
DM/MUMBAIHead - Collection MumbaiMumbai 1
EXE/SR. EXE/(Ambala, Jammu & Kangra)Location Head - Sales & Collection(Ambala, Jammu & Kangra)Ambala/Jammu/Kangra 3
EXE/LUDHIANA/RO Executive- Credit LudhianaLudhiana 1
MGR/DELHIHead - Process Control Delhi 1
EXE/SR. EXE/KARNAL/JAIPURLocation Head - CollectionKarnal/Jaipur 2
AM/DM/JAMSHEDPUR/RO Head- Operation Jamshedpur JAMSHEDPUR 1
EXE/MUMBAI/ROExecutive- Operations Mumbai MUMBAI 1


To apply against the vacancy pls. forward your resume to careers@bafindia.com. Once we receive your application and you are shortlisted we shall contact you.